Follow the Music to Love and Truth

Studying rhythm and music has been a key priority in my life since I began drumming in elementary school.  It has been my self-installed element of identification, my root motivation for the act of life around me, and everything that was ever planned according to what I wanted to pursue or attempt was always centered on music because that was my true area of interest.  In other words, I’ve practiced, I’ve played, I’ve chased it down the rabbit hole, I’ve gotten locked up for it, I’ve cornered it and beaten the piss out of it, I’ve starved it, I’ve blamed it, I’ve detoxed it, I’ve cried for it, I’ve cheated on it, and I’ve lied about it.  I have also never been rid of it, never given up on it, I never loved it any less, I appreciate and respect it for not walking out on me.  I am devoted to it, I want to prosper with it, I want to stay in the moments of my deepest adoration of it.  I have taught it to others, I’ve known the deep reward of sharing the gift of music with students to facilitate an open-minded sense of ability and esteem, as the lesson reflected back for the teacher grows more sharp and vivid.  I’ve lost friends who have shared in this love and have had to corner it and shake it down, demanding its true intentions again.

Music has interwoven my experiences in life and can be heard as a glimpse of the soul.  I know you can’t actually hear a glimpse, but you can’t actually see a soul either, though feeling it is truth.  The reactions that take place within us when music stimulates deep emotions create the plane of experience that stores the sensory information for what music gives us, but the information is not sorted or organized or even labelled.  This plane, by the meaning of its actual existence, can not store this information categorically because the emotions, feelings, and contents are, by their nature, beyond words.  These planes of conception are only limited by our attempts to describe elements that lie beyond adjectives and interpretation, making them only available to those who are consciously aware of their existence within.

Music is a level of this interpretation, as is Art, Writing, Photography, Film, Comedy, Dance, and so on.  Committing one’s efforts to a level of interpreting emotions and further pursuing their study within a discipline is devotion, but not devotion to the element itself.  It is devotion to the pursuit of more deep emotions and interpretations, and the furthering of one’s understanding of how their art leads them to love, light, dark, addiction, fulfillment, deceit, vanity, and truth.  True progression then lies in one’s ability to understand how to balance one’s passion while knowing when it is showing you the way to your soul, or making you see the distance you’ve put between your self and the truth.

With these thoughts, I hope to share this love and extend my appreciation to include and explain its existence.  For every individual, we are unique in our perceptions, though not in our simplicity and truth.  We can study and share our interpretations and thoughts, but it is not how we measure our truth and our balance.  What measures our efforts is the desire to love, our actual preference of progress over decline.  This simple initial intention bonds those who empathize and help others, and are shown examples of love in their commitment to their daily responsibilities.  It is a privilege to utilize one’s time to create, explore, and express, and it is very easy to allow the act of life to strip your layers of faith and confidence.  The right path always seems to be affirmed by its increased level of difficulty.  Progress is the harder choice, but to those who purvey truth and love, it is inherently the only choice.  Our lives and our awareness of our own souls return us to the vulnerable feeling of seeing our insignificance individually.  If the soul is the truth, and truth the same in all of us, then it is far greater than any of our perceptions individually.  This is where life demands humility as a requirement for understanding, the necessity of balance.

To pursue balance and sacrifice your own desires when demanded is practicing devotion to love.  Admitting our insignificance allows a breeze of truth to push the veil over our souls aside and let us gain a glimpse of what truly shines, what we can actually believe in and practice and infuse into our efforts to give them meaning and depth.  We all desire love and satisfaction as opposed to pain and suffering, and this is evidence enough to believe that your actions are not displaced when aimed at devotion to love and truth because love and truth are the rewards we all seek.

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