BKLYN FLAVOR at Factory Fresh

Beat Nite was a blast, thanks to the awesome folks who make the event happen, the galleries and venues, the artists, and the CROWD!  I was excited to see so many people come from EVERYWHERE to enjoy Bushwick’s art for the evening.

Factory Fresh was everything folks had told me it would be- COOL AS HELL!  SKEWVILLE‘s work was up in every available space throughout the entire gallery, and their style is nailed down and working!  The whole place embodies the street-inspired aesthetic of their work and the people there COULD NOT HAVE BEEN NICER.  I enjoyed playing to the different groups of people who came through all night, and had some dancing going on!  One group of women postponed their departure and danced HARD.  Great place, great people, looking forward to going back!

After spinning, I headed over to the after-party and met more and more people who had come to the neighborhood for the evening because of their enthusiasm for the work happening in the ‘hood.  It would be nice to hear that they came for that reason, but to see them afterwards and see they’re even more excited having seen the galleries… very cool, indeed.

Bravo Bushwick!

Thanks to Joab for the pic!

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