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All Inquiries:, call/text 917-602-7340, @jojoSOUL.

I began drumming in 5th grade band.  I continued drumming through school while also studying visual arts.  I was accepted to the University of North Texas, and attended for one year. After returning to NY, I worked at dad’s deli making sandwiches, cracking jokes, and living for the late nights at clubs in NYC.

While working the lottery machine at the deli, I played a few dollars on my ex-girlfriend’s birthday and hit for about $900.  I went and bought two turntables and a mixer, and didn’t even know I needed an amp and speakers.  A friend’s mom let me have some old records, another friend bought me my first set of fresh house vinyl, and I began to explore.

Teaching myself to DJ was directly influenced by my rhythm knowledge and musical tastes from drumming.  I grew up on oldies, disco, then classic rock, to metal, to punk and hardcore, into hip-hop, over to trance and jungle, and finding home at soulful house, jazzy beats, and world grooves.  Being a professional party DJ in NY teaches you to have a wide range of styles and sounds in your arsenal.  I pride myself on being able to read a crowd, find what makes them loose, then dance, smile, and celebrate with them!

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to share so many dancefloors over the years, and always look forward to more!  My years of experience and feedback have led me to include my live drumming in my DJ sets, tailor specific styles to specific events, and experiment with audio and vinyl manipulation for contemporary dance interpretation.  I am always involved in new projects and ensembles, as well as enjoying new venues and events.

Quite simply- I love playing music and making people dance and enjoy with me.

Thanks to all for your continued support!

-Professional DJ/drummer/teaching artist throughout NYC and LI since 2002

-Two turntables, mixer, vinyl, Serato.  Able to provide all equipment, van transported.  DJ equipment plus active speakers and subwoofer, drums and percussion


-Past performances include:

“Brooklyn Performance Combine” by Norte Maar- Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn –

“John Cage On Vinyl On Marley”National Academy Museum, Manhattan, NYC –  

Irondale Theater, Fort Greene, Brooklyn-

“Beat Nite” by Norte Maar, Bushwick, Brooklyn-

“Ghetto Hors D’Oeuvres”, “Slick the Misfit”  at Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn-

“BOS Community Day” by ArtsInBushwick, Bushwick, Brooklyn –

“Beats & Brunch” at Queens Comfort, Astoria, Queens-

“BeatNite Afterparty” at English Kills, Bushwick, Brooklyn-

Small Black Door, Ridgewood, Queens –

Gutter, Williamsburg, Brooklyn –

BeatNite Afterparty at Factory Fresh, Bushwick, Brooklyn-

“Bushwick Ginger Social” at Tutu’s, Brooklyn-

Active Space, Bushwick, Brooklyn-

“Bushwick Daily 90’s Dance Party” at 950 Hart Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn-

“Lone Wolf Soundclash” at Lone Wolf, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn-

Maroc Live, Crown Heights, Brooklyn- 

The Fifth Estate, Park Slope, Brooklyn –

“Paper Monument Release Party” at Silvershed, Chelsea, NYC –

Tammany Hall, Manhattan, NYC –

Janelle’s, Crown Heights, Brooklyn –

739 Lounge, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn –

The Vasquez, Bushwick, Brooklyn –

The Metropolitan Building, Long Island City, Queens –

Gemini and Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, Brooklyn –

JACK, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn –

Guadalupe Inn, Bushwick, Brooklyn –

Dromedary Bar, Bushwick, Brooklyn –

“Sunday Sounds”, “Jungle Fridays”- JUNO, Bushwick, Brooklyn –


Audio, mixes-


Customer Reviews:

Ashley Zelinskie (Director of The Active Space): “Extremely Professional! I was super impressed with the music selection as well as the setup. He was considerate of both the space and the crowd. Art exhibitions can be tricky but he was totally accommodating and very easy to work with. I will be using him for all my future events!” …Oh, and the dance party was amazing. About 150 people showed up and a bunch of them joined us for absolutely rad dance party in the 1990s style after 10pm. Apropos, the dance party was insanely good. DJ Jojo Soul was spinning and spinning hard. You are probably imagining amazing, so we now need you to close your eyes and multiply this feeling by 1000. Yes, now you’re close to how amazing he was. You will definitely hear more of this guy on Bushwick Daily soon.

950 Hart Gallery: …The dance party was a great throwback to 90’s music climaxing with jojoSoul mixing and cutting “Groove is in the Heart” with “What Is Love”. He kept everyone so pumped that when we began cleaning up the next day, we realized that everyone’s jumping and dancing had shaken dirt out of the ceiling.
Highly recommended that you check out the Bushwick Gallery artists online, and jojoSoul if you ever get the chance to dance near his speakers in person.

Adam Deville of SKEWVILLE: Yo Yo .Brooklyn Flavor was indeed in the house at factory fresh thanks to DJ JoJo. His fresh Beats kept those Venezuelan chics bumping and grinding through out the night!


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  1. Hello I am looking to buy a professional level sabar from Senegal to perform with…..Can you help me?

    1. jojoSOUL says:

      Absolutely John! I have many sabar, all handmade. I’d be happy to get you more info and details based on your needs, location. Please email me at and I will look at specific drums to find your best fit. Thx!

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