Laura M- Brooklyn, NY: New York Wild Life is a MUST if you want to make a splash at your next event! I’ve been in the industry for years and demand the highest professionalism from all of my vendors and partners. Not only are they talented, they continue to help build your brand via social media sharing and engagement. Great people to work with over all.

Matt M- Ridgewood, NY: Jojo has been my DJ through the years for various events, galleries, as well as my wedding. I recommend him highly and often, and he never disappoints. Always great reviews from my guests. He’s been at it a long time, he knows what he’s doing, he loves what he does, and it shows.

Marc S- Brooklyn, NY: Joe is a total pro. I’ve worked with him in DJ settings for parties, weddings and corporate events and he approaches every job with terrific spirit, kindness and joy. I’ve also seen him in a variety of settings on percussion and I would recommend him to anyone seeking lessons and training on the drums and percussion. I’m familiar with Joe’s work in the community too, his dedication to youngsters who thrive off his mentorship in schools and community centers where his unique combination of DJ, percussionist and altogether artistic and improvisational spirit sets them on the right path. He’s an empowering person to work with always.

Lara M- Ridgewood, NY: I have worked with JoJo on numerous projects. Joe has played music for my dance performances, DJ’d many events that I have hosted, personally as well as professionally, (for my event planning business.) JoJo is extremely professional and easy to work with, he takes his work very seriously and knows how to have fun along the way. In front of a group of people, he has an amazing ability to read the room and play the right music for his audience. I would say that I would recommend JoJo, but I literally do recommend him over and over again, and will continue to do so, because I know when you hire him, or when you are working with him you are going to get quality.

Debbie K- Brooklyn, NY: Just wanted to say again how fantastic that lesson was! I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve never seen him that absorbed. Since our first mommy & me class when he was just learning to walk, if I was in the room he’s been unable/unwilling to focus. That lesson was like magic. I shot a bunch of short videos & uploaded one to share with the grandparents. Feel free to use it to gain prospective students!
“Harry had his first drum lesson today. I’ve never seen him so happy. Fish, meet water.”


Lauren L- Ridgewood, NY: I had had the idea to do something neat for the neighborhood kids in Ridgewood for our summer block party and hired Jojo to do a drum ‘thing’. I really had no idea what to expect or what the turn out would be, given that it wasn’t exactly an RSVP kind of event. Jojo showed up, on time, instruments in hand, and riveted the neighborhood children for hours. He was dynamic and engaging, yet soothing and captivating at the same time. Kids stayed and played and listened and learned because they wanted to, not because they had to. He was an inspiration to them all and will be remembered by many of them for some time to come. I would definitely recommend his services as both a teacher and an entertainer. It was perfect.

Ashley Zelinskie (Director of The Active Space): “Extremely Professional! I was super impressed with the music selection as well as the setup. He was considerate of both the space and the crowd. Art exhibitions can be tricky but he was totally accommodating and very easy to work with. I will be using him for all my future events!”

Adam Deville of SKEWVILLE: Yo Yo .Brooklyn Flavor was indeed in the house at factory fresh thanks to DJ JoJo. His fresh Beats kept those Venezuelan chics bumping and grinding through out the night!

Lydia Ainsworth (composer/performer): Working with Jojo at the Small Black Door was a wonderful experience. He came fully equipped and prepared for my set up and took the time to make sure everything went smoothly without a hitch. I’ve played at many venues including Bowery Ballroom and Mercury Lounge, I felt very confident with the audiosystem Jojo provided for my show. The sound quality of the performance was truly fantastic. I definitely hope to work with him in the near future!

950 Hart Gallery: …The dance party was a great throwback to 90’s music climaxing with jojoSoul mixing and cutting “Groove is in the Heart” with “What Is Love”. He kept everyone so pumped that when we began cleaning up the next day, we realized that everyone’s jumping and dancing had shaken dirt out of the ceiling.
Highly recommended that you check out the Bushwick Gallery artists online, and jojoSoul if you ever get the chance to dance near his speakers in person. …Oh, and the dance party was amazing. About 150 people showed up and a bunch of them joined us for absolutely rad dance party in the 1990s style after 10pm. Apropos, the dance party was insanely good. DJ Jojo Soul was spinning and spinning hard. You are probably imagining amazing, so we now need you to close your eyes and multiply this feeling by 1000. Yes, now you’re close to how amazing he was. You will definitely hear more of this guy on Bushwick Daily soon.


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