Most Played Mix: 90’s Dance! + Tune in Mondays “LIVE at FIVE”

Here it is!  The Most Played Mix to date is the first mix featured on BushwickDaily – 90’s Dance- Mixed by jojoSOUL   ENJOY!

Be sure to tune in Mondays at 5pm (eastern time) for “LIVE at FIVE” on Bushwick Daily Radio!  jojoSOUL and RG broadcast LIVE from jojo’s studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY- Beats, rhymes, and other delightful elements!  Join the chat and tell us what’s happenin!  LIVE ACTION!

Crowd Sweating and Singing Back “Comebabycomebabybabycomecome!” = Awesome night

Mushroom Universe was a blast, gallery, curator, artists, crowd- all excellent.  Opening was from 7-10pm and I cut the music at about midnight, long after the gallery owner told me neighbors were complaining, but don’t stop the music!  Awesome night.

Check out the good folks at:

Choppin/Sketchin on Mushroom Universe

Gathering tracks, re-recording, and narrowing down the gems for Friday.  I was feeling like chopping drums out of the 90’s tracks and so put together this short audio recording to mix in with the set.  All samples are from set for Friday, added tweaked vocals 🙂

Can’t wait til Friday!

Mushroom Universe- Friday 2/10

So excited to be spinning ALL 90’s music on February 10th!  I’m breaking out all the guilty pleasures and fulfilling a fantasy to be able to return to the time when my own influences were imprinted in my brain.  Thanks to Katarina at for the chance to share some personal favorites.  She giggled when I told her it’s what I listen to already!  I’m serious though!  🙂