2/11/13- SpreadtheJAM: Full Crew in Brooklyn!


2/11/13- Spread the JAM: Full Crew in Brooklyn!

-Listen to the recorded show here-

Paul Simon on analog tape, Flip Wilson on vinyl, fresh hip-hop, classics, RG freestyles over jojo’s beat, and more-

Glad to have our friends Suede Hernandez and Slick Eastwood in the studio, telling us about their current work, BlackPearls, and the excitement for their upcoming show at Bat Haus in Bushwick.  Looking forward to Slick hosting and BlackPearls LIVE on Suede’s birthday!

*plus- check out Slick Eastwood and BlackPearls free downloads below-

BlackPearls (1)

Audio Work- 1/21/12

Snowy Saturday in Brooklyn, wife sleeping late, good time to get acquainted with the new, old tape player I recently acquired, thanks to MatthewJMahler.com of SmallBlackDoor.com.  Here is the first run of chopping and tweaking from this player, and I already look forward to using it more.  It seems to be circa 1970, as my other one seems more 1960.  This one lays down in a tabletop manner and is easier to load.


Image-Sampling: Analog to Digital

Top left- icon from MV-8800

Middle left- Analog tape box cover

Bottom left- Analog tape box cover

I have been really enjoying creating these “tweaks” on images I’ve captured.  When I am not in the lab concentrating on audio, I take images and re-work them with paralleled principles from sampling audio.

1. See or hear magic.

2. Capture it as best you can.

3. Tweak, infuse, embellish, and enjoy.

Take That Beat (On the Sunny Side of the Street)

Thanks to Matt at SmallBlackDoor.com for hooking me up with a huge bin of analog tape.  I’ve been having a reel fun time with it… (crickets…)

Anyway- these are the first sounds I’ve sampled from the newly acquired tapes directly into the MV and added one track of my live drum samples.  Enjoy!