Just burned my damn pants, but I’m not backin down easy today. Take that, accident!

Playing with a ball in my yard with my dogs and I notice the burn, a familiar sigh for smokers. Not today though. I liked these damn pants and refuse to stop wearing them over this accident.

So, now the burn gets examined, focused upon, photographed by iPhone, tweaked by an app, and posted here to be shared with the collective conscious that is the internet.  Makes me feel a little harsh for spotlighting the burn’s absence of intention, though inspiration is short and sweet.

So, we’ll call it a draw.  Here’s the burn and a tweak, accident and reaction.  I’ll think of this confrontation when I wear the pants, and the pants will have only gained character and experience by then, while I hope to have limited my own emotional skirmishes with inanimate objects and natural accidents by then.

Congratulations burn- I’m proud of ya.

Image-Sampling: Analog to Digital

Top left- icon from MV-8800

Middle left- Analog tape box cover

Bottom left- Analog tape box cover

I have been really enjoying creating these “tweaks” on images I’ve captured.  When I am not in the lab concentrating on audio, I take images and re-work them with paralleled principles from sampling audio.

1. See or hear magic.

2. Capture it as best you can.

3. Tweak, infuse, embellish, and enjoy.