XANADU: An Ensemble has Formed

This Episode features Jimmy Lopez on Percussion, Clinton Greenlee on Bass, Jackson Bell on Guitar, and jojoSOUL on Drum Set, Percussion, Vinyl, and Fruit Smoothies. Recorded Live & Raw at the Loft in Brooklyn, NYC, windows open to catch that police siren at about 1:10 minutes in. Headphones recommended. These Performances have been truly enjoyable for each of the musicians involved. This Ensemble has formed … Continue reading XANADU: An Ensemble has Formed

XANADU: Jimmy Lopez

Jimmy Lopez has been a friend since we met on Instagram watching each other’s feeds. I’ve been a fan of Jimmy’s since I’ve seen his name on flyers over the years as Percussionist for DJs within House and World Music Styles throughout NYC and beyond. He is the veteran Live Percussionist at Brooklyn’s Bembé, where he accompanies DJs through entire nights of sweaty dancing rhythms. … Continue reading XANADU: Jimmy Lopez

Jimmy Lopez: “Rhythmic Salvation” Episode 6 featuring Dj Jojo Soul

From Jimmy Lopez: “Playing live percussion to the global dance music mix by the incredible Dj Jojo Soul, for the “Rhythmic Salvation” online dance parties created by Jimmy Lopez Percussionist.” Check Jimmy out and catch him live all over NYC performing- Thanks so much for making me a part of Rhythmic Salvation, Jimmy! Listen to the extended full DJ mix by jojoSOUL entitled “SOUL’s House” … Continue reading Jimmy Lopez: “Rhythmic Salvation” Episode 6 featuring Dj Jojo Soul