Frank Sinatra & Bob James (jojo’s broken radio mix)

“Strangers in the Night” over the front of “Take Me to the Mardi Gras”, just fun.

I like to think my father might bop to this, he’s a huge Frankie fan.

Audio Work- 1/21/12

Snowy Saturday in Brooklyn, wife sleeping late, good time to get acquainted with the new, old tape player I recently acquired, thanks to of  Here is the first run of chopping and tweaking from this player, and I already look forward to using it more.  It seems to be circa 1970, as my other one seems more 1960.  This one lays down in a tabletop manner and is easier to load.


Image-Sampling: Analog to Digital

Top left- icon from MV-8800

Middle left- Analog tape box cover

Bottom left- Analog tape box cover

I have been really enjoying creating these “tweaks” on images I’ve captured.  When I am not in the lab concentrating on audio, I take images and re-work them with paralleled principles from sampling audio.

1. See or hear magic.

2. Capture it as best you can.

3. Tweak, infuse, embellish, and enjoy.

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