Funk Chop (On the Move)

Standing at the decks for days, felt like sitting down at the MV this morning, chopped out the first record that grabbed me. FUNK-NASTY, feel free to uprock a bit.

Audio Work- 1/21/12

Snowy Saturday in Brooklyn, wife sleeping late, good time to get acquainted with the new, old tape player I recently acquired, thanks to of  Here is the first run of chopping and tweaking from this player, and I already look forward to using it more.  It seems to be circa 1970, as my other…

Image-Sampling: Sun Rays

Nevermind the ultra-capable computer… see that color on the wall?! Like a hunter stalking magic with his camera… steady… quiet… GOTCHA!

Take That Beat (On the Sunny Side of the Street)

Thanks to Matt at for hooking me up with a huge bin of analog tape.  I’ve been having a reel fun time with it… (crickets…) Anyway- these are the first sounds I’ve sampled from the newly acquired tapes directly into the MV and added one track of my live drum samples.  Enjoy!