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“Spread the JAM” with RG and jojoSOUL- Mondays 8pm EST


Tune in to jojoSOUL.com Mondays 8pm EST for Spread the JAM– broadcasting LIVE from jojo’s Studio 1R- Bushwick

January 21– Special guest Saxophonist Yael Ben Natan helps us spread the jam and kick off the new primetime slot! Β Tune in and chat LIVE!


Extended LIVEatFIVE Finale today, moving to 8pm next week!

Saying goodbye to the 5pm slot by popular demand. Β Listeners have requested primetime!

Join us today with our local friends and past guests to finish out the 5pm slot HARD!

RG, Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, Suede Hernandez, Slick Eastwood, Frank Rathbone, and more!

The party’s at jojo’s at 5pm, TUNE IN!

*ONLY on jojoSOUL.com*

Morning Blend Hip-hop

Morning mix of jazzy beats to stretch to and welcome the sun.


Frank Sinatra & Bob James (jojo’s broken radio mix)

“Strangers in the Night” over the front of “Take Me to the Mardi Gras”, just fun.

I like to think my father might bop to this, he’s a huge Frankie fan.


NY Hip-Hop Quick Mix


9 minute run through 32 tracks from NY. Β Fast-paced, explicit, raw, and unedited.


Good eye jojo!



2 Part Template- Add to me.

This audio is available for download on Soundcloud.com/jojoSOUL

Use it, add to it however you like and send it back.