Breathe.  Listen.  Drum.  Create.  Fuel.  Sustain.  Be alive.

What began as drum lessons, became drum circles and DJ workshops, and has now evolved to include the deeper, honest intentions of these practices.  I am a student of my own spiritual path , and seek to help others in their growth.  I am a big brother since 4 years old, eldest grandson of a large tribe, and taught religion class with my mom as a kid.  I grew away from the church, and closer to my own understanding and learnings about the universe and spirituality.  I studied philosophies of religions in college, and continue to study spirituality and expression.  My own personal developments, years of teaching experience, and my own life experiences continue to evolve my perspective.

Focused activity.  Meditation.  Balance.  Healing.  Emotional expression.  Self-care.  Mindfulness.  Listening.  Discipline.  Self-confidence.  Understanding.  Creativity.

I strive to eat clean, balance emotions, and live a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve lost a life-changing amount of weight, quit smoking cigarettes, and have reconnected with nature.  I continually learn to balance my lifestyle with focused activities and incorporating meditative and rhythmic actions.

More recent teaching experiences have naturally begun to include elements of wellness, mindfulness, focused activity, and meditation.  Drumming, DJ mixing, and music skills are the tools for lessons which have evolved to be far more than music.

-Learn to Drum– drumset, djembe/percussion, rhythm, music theory and education, technique, rhythm, style.

-Learn to DJ– vinyl records on turntables, samples, Serato, beatmatching, selection, technique, rhythm, style.

-Learn to calm and focus– focused activity, time and rhythm, listening, meditative action.

-Learn to live– support, care, positivity, mindfulness, gratitude, stress relief, balance.

Events, lessons, and workshops are generally one hour sessions, available for individuals and groups.  All teaching programs can be fine-tuned to an event’s specific needs.

Entertainment, education, wellness, recreation, celebration, healing, mentoring.

Contact jojoSOULaudio@gmail.com, @jojoSOUL, 917-602-7340.


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